Multi Culti Traveller Mix #11: CAIN

Multi Culti - CAIN mix

India/Pakistan-influenced mix courtesy of our Highlife Highlander CAIN for the Montreal-based musical enterprise Multi Culti! In their words:

“Having grown up with folk musics from around the world, CAIN is one artist who might be hard to pigeon-hole into anyone one particular background… The Scottish man has a flair for all things off-the beaten track and down the pentatonic scale-trail. This mix is a collection of Pakistani and Indian music that has shaped some of his musical upbringings. From Nusrat’s rousing Qawwali to soothing Ragas, Celtic-sounding Rajasthani Dhoad gypsy songs to ancient Dhrupads, there is a wide range of musical heads to bobble around with. The predominately traditional mix – being folk, Qawwali, Karnatic and classical music paints a journey travelling from Pakistan, through the lands of Rajasthan which are inhabited by beautiful cobras, through to Southern India.”

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