Cain ‘Mora EP’ (FG002)

Cain is a producer of epic, ethereal and poly-rhythmic sounds, from the Highlands of Scotland. His first contribution to Fine Grains, the tenacious afrobeat of ‘Maasai’, picked up credit from the likes of Auntie Flo, B.Traits on BBC R1 & Hyperdub trio LV. The latter demonstrating their regard for Cain by appearing as remixers on the ‘Mora EP’, the first in a series leading to his LP. ‘Mora’, roughly translated as nightmare from Old Slavic languages, is the beginning of Cain’s journey. Raw, complex and highly addictive rhythms fizzle through broken beats and bass. From the cinematic opening of ‘Shipwright’ through to the gritty snap of ‘Blainn’, ritualistic rhythms of ‘Durga’ and futuristic funk of ‘Rhaspan’, the ‘Mora EP’ encompasses influences from around the world and delivers a unique take on bass, footwork and beats derivatives. For fans of Shackleton or Romare there are plenty of moments to savour. Support from DJ Shadow, Brackles, Dark Sky & Ally McCrae (BBC R1).


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