Behind the Process (FG009)

‘BbBeatTape’ includes 13 lo-fi tracks punched out on the weathered MPC of Norwegian producer Beatbully. Originally from Hamar in Innlandet, home to black metal and the remains of a very old medieval cathedral (Domkirkeruinene på Hamar, 1124), Beatbully is co-founder of Dødpop Records and a leading figure of the Scandinavian skweee scene. The image printed on the tape is from the cathedral remains and the photograph was originally taken by Anders Beer Wilse in 1902. We sourced the original from the Norsk Folk Museum. All 100 of the cassettes are hand signed and stamped and the translucent blue shell is made from recycled materials. The t-shirts are unisex fit and made from certified organic and vegan cotton. We tried to be conscious of what we made having the least environmental impact, a consideration we take seriously. Photos by Bernardo Laureano shot on Mamiya Rz67 with kodak 400 film.

Letterpress Amsterdam, May 2021

The process started by making magnesium clichés (plates) of Anders Beer Wilse’ photograph and Efrain Vivas’ illustrations. To make the drawings I gave Ef an advance of the beat tape, he zoned out to the sounds and came out with pages and pages of drawings. I picked out the elements that worked best with the photograph, made the layout then added a logotype that melted into the early 90s aesthetic and black metal/skweee origins. With letterpress master Thomas Gravemaker we chose a light blue 160 gsm Celeste paper from Fedrigoni to compliment the psychedelic magenta/cyan gradient ink we planned to print on top. To create the gradient Thomas had to manually add ink to the roller every 10 print runs or so. The result is that every cover has a unique gradient.

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